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Toast Virtual Pottery Workshop

Toast's Strategic Growth team joined Sam, owner of Pottery with a Purpose (PwaP), for a virtual pottery workshop where they learned to create a vase to hold a beautiful flowering air plant included in their custom curated kit.

Event:  Toast Team-Building Activity

Format:  Virtual Corporate Event

Location:  Zoom

Clay Type:  Air Dry

Add-ons: Air Plants + Extra Paint Colors

Details: The Strategic Growth team at Toast was looking for a team event that could accommodate their remote team that spans from Massachusetts to Illinois. Enter Pottery with a Purpose. We hooked the team up with custom curated kits including a flowering air plant and colored paints that were shipped to everyone's home in preparation for the event. Participants switched from work mode to pottery mode with some wrist + shoulder stretches to prepare for the arduous task - wink wink - of pinch potting, and a breathwork exercise. After getting in the zone, they learned the basics about ceramics from Pottery with a Purpose founder Sam.

Team members created and decorated a vase to display their flowering air plant.

Virtual event via Zoom with Toast

What they had to say...

"My team set up a virtual event with @potterywithapurpose, and the thing I loved about it the most was that since our hands were in clay, we couldn’t use our laptops for anything except to look into the camera and ask a bunch of questions about air plants. 😂

Can’t wait to actually high five my teammates, but this was an activity that made us all impressively disconnect from the daily grind and helped us connect with each other." - Steph

What was made...

Face planter with air plant


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