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Recurly Virtual Pottery Workshop

After work, Recurly took time to unwind as a company and learn a new skill with a virtual pottery workshop. They learned to create an air dry clay vase to hold faux plants. In the spirit of spooky season, participants were also given the option - and taught to make - an air dry clay pumpkin that will last for years to come!

Event:  Recurly Companywide Pottery Workshop

Format:  Virtual Corporate Event

Location:  Zoom

Clay Type:  Air Dry

Add-ons: Extra Paint Colors

Details:  Recurly employees as well as their significant others (and some kiddos) joined Pottery with a Purpose for a companywide event. To transition from work mode, to craft mode, started off with a breathwork technique called box breathing. After getting in the zone, they learned the basics about ceramics, the difference between ceramic clay and air dry clay, and the uses for the pottery tools included in the kit.

With guidance, team members handbuilt and decorated an air dry clay vase or pumpkin. 

What was made...

Recurly Virtual Companywide Pottery Workshop


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