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Sustainability is Here

One of the most important initiatives of  Pottery with a Purpose is to create a more eco-friendly way to DIY. Every kit includes consciously-sourced materials and a  guide to learn to dispose of or upcycle your packaging after the creative work is done. Sustainable products are not just for the food or beauty industry, but also the arts and crafts niche. Keep reading to discover ways to support our planet with sustainable DIY ideas, gifts and enter our latest giveaway.


DIY Pottery Ideas 

  • One of the many creative ways to reuse our natural hemp twine in your kit is to create a hanging planter, wall hanging, or to string clay beads. 

  • Our plastic wrap is secondhand, and is sourced from local dry cleaners and through a “Buy Nothing Group.” This #4 plastic film is difficult to recycle, so we give it a second life. Keep the good going by reusing it in future clay projects or as a potted plant liner.
  • Keep those plastic takeout containers you’ve accumulated during COVID and use them to store pottery between sessions.

We know some aspects of pottery production are not eco-friendly - and at PwaP we believe transparency is key. These include the use of natural resources, high fuel consumption needed for firing pottery, and harmful chemicals used in some glazes. However, pottery does reduce the need for disposable plastic. Pottery is durable, reusable, and its production uses less energy than making glass. Oh, and, the underglazes we offer are non-toxic and lead-free!

Be sure to dig into our  recycling guide and learn all the ways to reuse your PwaP kit and packaging. Looking for more DIY Crafts that are good for the mind and Mother Earth?Check out this blog post with more eco-friendly DIY crafts.

Enter The No Planet B Sweepstakes

We have teamed up to spread the word that sustainability is here to stay with some amazing earth-minded brands. Don’t miss your chance to support the planet by entering  The No Planet B Sweepstakes to win gift cards and prizes for organic gardening kits, our earth-minded DIY pottery kits, luxury care products, all-natural food nutrition, multi-surface cleaners, purpose-driven jewelry, certified organic tea, and so much more! Sweepstakes ends on November 9th just in time for a major holiday shopping spree for the winner. Good luck to all!

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a product is truly eco-conscious so we are sharing a few of our gift ideas to make things easier for you.

  1. Are you shopping for an animal lover this holiday? It can be hard to find art supplies that are vegan and cruelty-free. Check out our Air Dry Clay Kits that come with Natural Earth Paint for safe and sustainable art supplies that use natural earth and mineral pigments. In the past, a lot of the art and craft supplies had one or more animal derivatives. Natural Earth Paint has also innovated the only products of its kind - the world's only non-toxic, vegan Gesso, the only natural and 100% non-toxic solvent, varnish and oil paints.

  2. Rishi Tea & Botanicals featured in the No Planet B Sweepstakes is another brand to checkout. They developed sustainable, compostable, BPA-free tea sachets. We are ready to brew up some blueberry hibiscus right now! This would make a thoughtful gift for the avid tea drinker in your life. 

  3. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t grow your favorite herbs and veggies indoors. Back To the Roots also featured in the No Planet B Sweepstakes with us is a certified B-corporation. Their Indoor Gardening Essentials Bundle comes with 6 organic grow kits to grow your own mushrooms, chili pepper, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint, and cilantro. Yum! Create your own planters for your indoor garden with our Flower Vase Kit which comes with a plantable wildflower seed coaster too.


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