Air Dry

Beginner Pottery Kit – Air Dry

Everything for 1-2 people to sculpt + paint a hanging planter, footed pot, or versatile decor piece - no kiln needed! (Not waterproof). Clay, detailed instructions, tools, brush, non-toxic white paint +plantable wildflower seed coaster included.

Deluxe Pottery Kit – Air Dry

The ultimate air dry pottery + paint kit. Everything for 1-2 people to sculpt + paint a hanging planter, footed pot, or versatile decor piece. Clay, detailed instructions, tools, brush, 5 paint colors + plantable wildflower seed coaster included. No kiln needed!

Pillar Candle + Clay Kit – Air Dry

Feeling burned out? We’ve got you. Our 'Candle + Clay Pottery Kit - Air Dry' has everything you need to design, decorate + paint candle holders from air dry clay to display the included vegan, soy candles. No kiln needed!

Flower Vase Pottery Kit

Sculpt, decorate + paint your own vase to display a flower bouquet. Clay for 1-2 people, detailed instructions, carving tools, smoothing sponge, paintbrush, paint + petite dried flower bouquet included. No kiln needed!

Air Dry Clay Kit (Prepaid Membership)

Enjoy up to 25% off our curated DIY air dry clay kit - plus members-only perks + fun freebies - with a prepaid membership (6 or 12-month). Treat yourself or gift to someone you love! You'll start out with our original Beginner Pottery Kit to learn the basics + then receive the newest featured kit every 3 months.

Air Dry Clay Add-On

Stock up on more premium air dry clay (included in the Air Dry Clay Kit) + keep the good work going. Contains enough clay for 1 person. Dries white/light gray. Dry time: 2-3 days. No kiln needed. Not waterproof.

'You're My Favorite' Pottery Kit

Can't be with your favorite human to celebrate a special occasion? We've got your gift covered with this bestselling pottery kit. Includes vegan snacks — 2 seed-bearing lollipops + hot cocoa bomb — and, of course, everything our Beginner Pottery Kit included needed for 1-2 people to learn pottery.