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Top 3 Workplace Wellness Trends in 2021

We’re nearing the start of 2022, and the pandemic-related changes to America’s workforce aren't going anywhere. As a result, companies of all sizes are taking their employee wellbeing initiatives to the next level, helping team members navigate a host of rising challenges to personal health and productivity.

Amid the uncertainty of lockdowns and reopenings, business owners across the nation aim to create safer work environments by offering remote options, requesting mask-wearing, and establishing ways to socially distance.

Additionally, 2021 corporate wellness trends reveal a growing focus on more personalized support for key aspects like:

  • Mental Health - Research reveals 9 out of 10 employers plan to ramp up investment in mental health support this year.

  • Stress and Anxiety Prevention - Over ⅔ of employees report experiencing some degree of stress manifesting in poor health.

  • Personal Safety - Almost 70% of employees worldwide feel their offices could be safer, and over 20% report they’d rather seek new employment than risk their health.

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