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Pottery + Practice in the Park

Sam, owner of Pottery with a Purpose (PwaP), teamed up with Laura Ahrens of Laura Ahrens Yoga, for an evening of pottery + yoga practice at the gorgeous Larz Anderson Park.

Event:  PwaP x Laura Ahrens Yoga

Format:  In-person ticketed event

Location:  Larz Anderson Park - Brookline, MA

Clay Type:  Ceramic

Details: This specialty workshop was held outside at the historic Larz Anderson Park. It began with pranayama (breathwork) and meditation practice with Laura to get participants' creative juices flowing, exploring the link between the mind and how our mindstate manifests in everyday life. After meditation, participants enjoyed a pottery workshop with Sam during which they learned to make a special yoga-related creation - an incense holder - to support their practice.

People doing yoga and pottery at Larz Anderson Park

Why pottery? If you haven't had the chance to get your hands dirty, crafting with clay can slow the mind and foster creativity. Plus, you get a functional fruit of your labor.

Why practice? The concentration of one's yoga practice leaves the mind available to be led by the imagination, rather than by the regular old restless thoughts, leaving room for more clarity and creativity.

What was made...

Textured Ceramic Dish


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