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How to Make a Ghost Candle Holder from Air Dry Clay

Feeling crafty this spooky season? Spend the evening doing two awesome activities - sculpting and snacking - as you make you own clay Halloween decorations. Place these DIY clay ghosts in your window to great trick-or-treaters or use them as a fall table centerpiece.

Grab your favorite snacks + cold weather beverages as well as the materials below to get started!

Two Ghosts Made from Air Dry Clay

  • Clay
  • Rolling pin - don't have one? grab a stainless steel water bottle or wine bottle
  • A pointy tool - needle tool, pointy wooden tool or sharp knife
  • Aluminum foil - or paper and tape
  • White paint (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Electric tealight candle (optional)

P.S. Work on a flat surface that doesn't have texture or the texture will imprint on your clay when you roll it out

  1. Shape a form (aka an armature) for your ghost from the aluminum foil 
  2. Roll your clay out into a flat slab about 1/4" thick
  3. Drape slab over the form you created in step 1
  4. Cut circle with uneven edges out of the slab of clay using the pointy tool
  5. Use your fingers to shape the slab, creating indents/creases to make it look more ghost-like
  6. Use your pointy tool to carve out your ghost's eyes and mouth
  7. Smooth the inside and outside of your ghost using the sponge
  8. Let your creation dry for 12 hours out of direct sunlight
  9. Remove your pottery piece from your aluminum form
  10. Let it dry for 2-3 days - again, out of direct sunlight - and then paint your ghost (optional)

After the paint has dried, your ghost is ready! Add an electric tealight candle inside if you'd like to make your ghost glow, but skip putting real candles in any enclosed air dry clay creations. Where would you use these ghosts? To greet trick-or-treaters in your windows or with some mini pumpkins as part of a fall tablescape?

Want to try making your own Halloween decor? Our Deluxe Air Dry Clay Kit has all the materials you need to sculpt and decorate these adorable ghosts, and a bunch of other pottery pieces like clay candy corn, pumpkins, witch hats - and of course non-spooky season pottery pieces like vases and pinch pot plant holders!

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