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4 Businesses - and 2 Nonprofits - to Support for AAPI + Jewish American Heritage Month

During Jewish American Heritage Month and AAPI Heritage Month, Pottery With a Purpose Names Ukraine-based Voices of Children Foundation and AAPI Women Lead, to Receive a Portion of May, June, July Proceeds. From May 1st through July 31st, Pottery With a Purpose will split 5% of its profits between Voices and Women Lead.

As a female entrepreneur living with mental illness, and actively working to support mental wellness through my curated collection of eco-conscious DIY clay kits, I strive to advance the conversation about improving community/individual mental wellbeing.

Voices of Children

I am grateful to be able support an extremely important cause, and to honor my own Jewish/Ukrainian heritage, by donating to the support the lifesaving work of Voices, which provides art therapy and other means of psychological/psychosocial support to Ukrainian children affected by the war.

My own Jewish American heritage includes a long line of caring community leaders and fearless females forging a better life. My grandpa, Joseph Wolfson, served as a founding board member of Temple Beth Elohim near my hometown of Needham, MA. My grandma, Joseph’s wife - also an active member at the temple - began her career in 1966 as one of the first female stock brokers in New England. My maternal great-grandmother, Ukraine-born Lillian Greenberg, immigrated to the US alongside her mother and brothers in 1914 when she was just 17 years old. She became an official American citizen in 1944.

AAPI Women Lead

The AAPI Women Lead and its #ImReady Movement aim to strengthen the progressive political and social platforms of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US through the leadership of API women, girls, and gender-expansive communities. In particular, the organization + movement focus on raising awareness around the experiences of these communities with respect to violence, and gender and racial discrimination.

Looking to support some awesome small, women + AAPI-owned or Jewish American-owned businesses?

Check out - and give some love to - three of the companies Pottery with a Purpose has partnered with so far...

  • InFlowerThese ain't your grandmas dried flowers ya'll. Steph's floral designs are funky, colorful, and are sure to bring a smile to your face. I love that each one is unique - and that I don't need to change any water. She also makes, and delivers, beautiful fresh flower arrangements for those of you close to Soiux Falls, South Dakota. Go beyond just getting a bouquet of flowers, and try your hand at making your own air dry clay vase to display the bouquet with our bestselling PwaP x inFlower 'Flower Vase Pottery Kit'. It includes everything you need to sculpt and decorate an air dry vase to display the included custom mini bouquet. Check it out here.

Shown: 2 pictures. Each has a white air dry clay vase with a bright dried flower bouquet inside.

  • Leslie Espino is the incredibly talented and creative mind behind Leslie Espino Art. Leslie creates hand-stitched and layered paper pieces with a storybook feel. With a focus on sustainability, she builds her pieces from hand-painted paper that has often been repurposed. Leslie and I joined forces to create the 'Paper Plant + Pottery Kit', available right here! So you can create your own vase to display the included paint-your-own paper plant. Are you a newbie to painting or pottery? No worries! The instructions for both crafts are 100% beginner-friendly.

Shown: Two pictures. One shows an air dry clay vase painted white with a paper plant inside. The other shows a landscape made using paper and yarn.

  • Yui Brooklyn is an experimental candle lab founded in the summer of 2020. Yui, the mastermind behind the candles, was inspired by her love of all things "Kawaii" - which means cute in Japanese...and her candles are absolutely adorable. Grab yourself a candle on her website, or check out our PWAP x Yui 'Candle and Clay Kit' to sculpt your own air dry clay candle holders for the included soy wax taper candle.

Shown: Two photos. One shows 3 taper candles in air dry clay candle holders. The other shows four retro flower shaped candles


✨ Want to pick next quarter's non-profit and donation recipients? Tag us in your next DIY pottery creations on IG!✨

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