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Bergmeyer Self-Led Pottery Party

Bergmeyer, a Boston-based design collaborative, hosted a 'back to the office' event and celebration of their one year "brandiversary" using Pottery with a Purpose kit's detailed, beginner-friendly instructions to host their own self-paced, in-person event.

Event:  Bergmeyer "Brandiversary" Celebration

Format:  In-person team event (self-facilitated)

Location:  Boston, MA

Clay Type:  Ceramic

Add-ons: Underglazes

Details:  In early July, Bergmeyer had an an in-person and virtual celebration of their "Brandiversary," a year since their brand re-launch. They also used it as "an opportunity to celebrate their people and the culture that drives their ongoing design evolution." As part of their celebration, they got their hands dirty creating pottery with our ceramic clay kits.

In order to accommodate uncertain work and meeting schedules, they decided to go the self-facilitated route, and to save on shipping costs, their kits were picked up from our Needham HQ. The day of the celebration, the kits were laid out with the detailed, beginner friendly instructions, included tools, sponge, and underglaze for decorating. Team members were encouraged to come by at their own leisure throughout the day for some pottery-making.

Their creations were then glazed and fired in the kiln at the PwaP headquarters (aka Sam's basement) to make them waterproof and food-safe, before making their way back to Bergmeyer's Boston headquarters

Check out their event in action in the video below:

What was made...

Ceramic clay hot dog

 Ceramic coil pot


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