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Meet Sam

DIY Lifestyle Expert Samantha Hoff is the creator and founder of Pottery with a Purpose, promoting individual and community well-being through a thoughtfully curated line of eco-conscious adult clay sculpting kits that invite creativity and mindfulness anytime, anywhere - all while giving back to mental health initiatives (launching April 2021). A lifelong struggle with anxiety and an early career spent in the fast-paced tech world led Hoff to seek emotional and mental balance in the grounding practice of yoga. In-between classes, she turned to previous hobbies of DIY and pottery making as a creative outlet that offered similar anxiety relief. Passionate about supporting positive mental health and self-care in an increasingly chaotic world, Hoff established Pottery with a Purpose as a structured means of helping others find calm and stay present through the power of imagination and “do-it-yourself” crafting.

“A Needhamite since birth,” Hoff was born, raised, and now runs her business in Needham, Massachusetts. An experienced ice hockey player, she played at Connecticut College before finishing her undergraduate degree in business and entrepreneurship at Babson College, where she also earned her MBA. She then worked as a Data Analyst in tech for almost a decade before mental and physical burnout resulted in a transition to the grounding practice of yoga. Hoff earned her instructor certification and taught full time until the COVID-19 pandemic closed down the local studios. Isolated at home, she rediscovered much-needed mental focus and creative stimulation by again dedicating herself to ceramics. 

A longtime fan of the DIY “cottagecore” aesthetic, Hoff was already accustomed to working with her hands. She built her own bed frame and kitchen table using reclaimed wood, shiplapped her bedroom wall, installed light fixtures, and even crafted side tables from discarded tree stumps found in a neighbor’s yard. In the same way, pottery making became a means of refocusing her mind, taking a mental break from technology, and escaping daily stressors. Excited about the many benefits clay working brought to her life, she wanted to share the craft with others in a way that felt streamlined and accessible. After all, not everyone can stock up on 25-pound bags of clay, plus the equipment and materials necessary to create an original piece, or wants to go to a pottery studio to learn.  

Pottery with a Purpose makes possible the magic of hands-on creativity anywhere, anytime. Each kit includes everything necessary to create a uniquely functional piece that is eco-friendly, tech-free, and fun. Hoff is building her sustainable brand with intention, planning expansion around her personal charity donation goals. The clay is extracted and processed at a local factory just hours from Hoff’s home, and all kit materials are made in the USA, keeping the company’s carbon footprint intentionally low. All packaging is 100% recyclable or 100% compostable, and the paint featured in the air dry clay kit is plastic-free. 

When she isn’t planning kits or crafting, Hoff can be found spending time with her husband and two rescue dogs, hiking, cooking, gardening or playing at the beach. Get to know Hoff and find exclusive brand updates on Instagram@PotteryWithaPurpose

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