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Paint Your Own Pottery Kit

Paint your own pottery at home. This kit includes with everything you need to decorate your choice of a cowboy boot mug, pipe or bong. You'll enhance your ceramic clay piece with your own beautiful designs in saturated underglaze colors that will stand out after glazing and kiln firing (we can help with that- just visit our kiln locator right here!).

Includes guide to underglaze techniques and pottery painting tips, bisqueware piece of pottery, 2 vegan paintbrushes (one coverage + one detail), a sponge and 3 underglazes of your choice.

Important Notes:

  • You MUST be 21+ to purchase pipes and bongs
  • Your pieces must be glazed and fired before use! One of the studios on our kiln locator and the studios on it can help with that.
  • All kits include only 3 underglazes, which is enough to decorate more than the pottery pieces included in your kit for 1-4 people. If you'd like additional colors, check out the individual underglazes available.

Clay Craft Made Easy

Inside the Kit

The Big Finish

Sculpting Sustainably

Clay Craft Made Easy

Our kits aim for purpose over perfection, so there’s no “right” or “wrong” in this user-friendly clay play.

Design + sculpt or paint an original work of art with simple, step-by-step instructions.



Inside the Kit

Each expertly curated DIY kit comes complete with everything you need to decorate your own piece of ceramic pottery, including:

  • A guide to underglaze techniques and pottery painting tips
  • Bisqueware pottery piece of your choice
  • 2 vegan paintbrushes (one coverage and one detail)
  • 3 AP non-toxic, lead-free underglaze colors by Amaco Brent
  • A biodegradable sponge

Learn more about underglazes in our “Firing, Finishing + Decorating” FAQs.



Cowboy Boot Mug - 7½" L x 2¾" W x 6" H

Bong - 7" H x 5 ½" L x 4" W

Classic Pipe - 4 ½" L x 1 ¾" H x 1 ⅜" W

Gem Pipe - 4 ½" L x 2 ½" W x 2 ¼" H

The Big Finish

Ceramic clay requires professional kiln firing to become waterproof/food-safe. Not sure where to find a kiln? No problem! We’ve taken all the guesswork out of this step by providing an interactive map of studio locations near you. Don’t need your pottery to be waterproof/food-safe? No kiln near you? Simply let your decorative ceramic clay piece air dry. Handle with care: it will remain very delicate + will dissolve if you get it wet (even after drying).

P.S. The included underglazes can be used with or without clear glaze to add a shiny finish. The studio that helps fire your pieces will take care of that for you + provide the clear glaze.

Sculpting Sustainably

We’re helping to create a world in which we don’t need to sacrifice the environment in order to get crafty. We curate every kit with the planet in mind, from the locally-sourced clay and tools handmade in the USA to naturally-based paints and eco-conscious packaging. We also seek to partner with suppliers who share our values by operating on 100% solar power and offsetting their energy usage with renewable energy credits. When you’re finished sculpting, make sure to visit our sustainability page for details on recycling and disposing of all eco-friendly packaging elements.

How it Works

Pick Your Kit

Choose size (1-4 people) + shipping frequency (once or quarterly) + optional add-ons like Underglazes to color your piece

Delivery Day

Everything you need (clay, tools, instructions) is delivered to your doorstep

The Fun Begins

Enjoy the creative experience! Decorate with underglazes (optional) + let your pottery dry

Get Fired Up (optional)

Make pottery waterproof/food-safe by professionally kiln firing + glazing - share on Instagram @PotterywithaPurpose

What Makes Our Kits Different

Customer Reviews

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Kaitlynn Sperber

We are in love with the two pieces we ordered!
all painted and waiting to get them kilned. This was a perfect date night activity.

Barbara Graham

Paint Your Own Pottery Kit

Two air dry clay vases with dried flowers, and a ceramic clay tealight candle holder sitting atop a blue photo prop.
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