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Pottery Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Paintbrush Holder 

Need a cute place to store your paintbrushes, your pottery tools or maybe your makeup brushes? Check out the tutorial, then follow along with the written instructions below the tutorial, to get the printable template and to make your own stepped paintbrush holder from air dry clay - or ceramic clay if you choose!



Learn how to make your own paintbrush holder from clay by following these step-by-step instructions:

📃 Click here to download the paper template.

🖨  Print the template out.

✂️ Cut out the paper template. Then fold it in half along the dotted line.

🫓 Roll out a slab of clay about 1/4 inch thick, trace the template on the clay, and cut out the shape using the wooden knife or wooden needle tool in your pottery kit.

🧍🏻Stand up and curve the slab so the ridges on each side line up.

🫓 Roll another slab of clay and trace the bottom of slab 1, which is still curved, for a base. Cut the traced shape out for slab 2.

💧Score (scratch messy crosshatched lines into) and add a little water to the edges of your clay that you’re attaching to each other on slab 1 and slab 2. Press the pieces together and smooth the seams until they are invisible.

◽️Cut out a square shaped slab that will fit to make the enclosed section - make sure to score all 3 sides. Then add water, press the pieces together - forming the compartment - and smooth the seams until they are invisible,

🌬️ Let your clay creation dry

🖌️ Paint with acrylic paint OR 🔥 fire and glaze at a local pottery studio

Now it's time to put your adorable clay creation to good use!

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